How long does Powder Coating last?

Typically 6 years to a lifetime, depending on wear and abuse.

How long does it take to complete a project?

1 to 2 days, depending on quantities and powder availability.

Can a rusted item be powder coated?

No, rust must be sand blasted prior to powder coating to insure a quality finish. A little surface rust will be cleaned off in our washer, but not guaranteed.

How many colors are there to choose from?

Virtually any color can be produced including clear coats.

How much does powder coating cost?

Costs depend on which type of powder is used and if it is a stock item. Typically, a one-time part like a swing arm for a snowmobile or bike frame would be a minimum charge of $150.00, if a stock color is used.

Can you package items?

Yes, we can package items, produce product labels and bar code labels. We also have a canner which forces a cap into each end of a cardboard tube to eliminate any movement of parts.

Can you powder coat over a powder coated item?

Yes, in most cases we can. There are limitations that involve color and finish type.

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